DIY Hacks to Deep Clean Your Kitchen | House Cleaning Lake Forest Park

Our kitchens go through a lot in one week. Whether its sauce splatter on the stove or it can be coffee stains on the countertop, house cleaning every surface of your kitchen is a very difficult task, especially if you are on a tight schedule. Your kitchen is easily the busiest place in the house where you prepare your meals and do your most of the regular stuff. 

House Cleaning Lake Forest Park has got some DIY hacks for house cleaning that will help you to degrease, deodorize and sanitize in much less time. For details on how to get rid of germs from your kitchen, visit here

1. Keep your disposal smelling fresh

Few thing are very smelly just like disposal. Our house cleaning kitchen hack is lemon ice cubes. To prepare them, you need to fill an ice tray with some lemon wedges, salt and water and freeze them. After that pop those ice lemon cubes down the drain and run your garbage disposal until the ice is gone.

2. Rejuvenate old baking sheets using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

Baking soda and hydrogen can do much more than house cleaning your sinks and tubs. It can even make your battered sheets give a new complete look. All you need to do is layer your sheets with baking soda followed by with spray of hydrogen peroxide and then finish it with the layer of baking soda. Let it sit for few hours and then wipe your sheets clean. 

3. Clean your oven while you sleep

Fill up the spray bottle by creating a solution of your own by mixing your own house cleaning products, ⅓ cup of water, ⅓ of vinegar, and ½ cup of baking soda. After removing the grates from the oven, coat it from inside with the solution that you have created by making sure that you avoid the heating elements. Close the door for up to 12 hours and let the solution do it’s magic. Next morning, when you wake up clean it by using soapy water by using a microfiber cloth.

4. Give your own rack a bath

Powder detergent is not just used for doing the laundry. Bring back the original shine of your oven racks without even scrubbing by soaking in the bathtub that is filled with the washing detergent. Let it sit for many hours before you rinse it with clean water.

5. Use your vacuum to clean the cabinets

Instead of wasting time to pick up the little pieces of crumbs with the cloth, look at your vacuum brush and suck them up by pressing one button, it is that instant and quick. This house cleaning technique can be used for cleaning shelves as well. 

6. Wipe your range hood with the oil 

Your range hood is the grease magnet and as the dust is catched over the period of time the surface gets harder and harder and it can't be cleaned with the ordinary sprays. There are other house cleaning tips that you can use by kitchen cleaning stove hacks and that is vegetable oil. Add few drops of oil on the cloth and wipe the surface down and the grime will be gone instantly.

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