How to Properly Clean Your Fridge - House Cleaning Woodinville

It’s important to keep mold, bacteria and spills in the fridge can put you at risk for food poisoning. By house cleaning you can maintain your fridge and it can help to improve the safety and quality of your foods. To get best cleaning results, always refer to the instruction book that is provided by the company.

House Cleaning Woodinville is sharing some tips with you to keep your fridge clean by using house cleaning methods.

1. Create a homemade all purpose cleaner by combining the following:

  • In the gallon of warm water add 1 cup of ammonia, ¼ cup of baking soda and ½ cup of vinegar.
  • Pour the entire solution in the spray bottle.
  • This is a no rinse formula is a degreaser that prevents molds and mildews.
  • Use this solution to wipe down the entire fridge, drawers and the shelves when you do the house cleaning.

2. During the house cleaning, prevent the grease and the odor buildup on top of the fridge when you have cleaned it, buff some paste wax on the surface.

3. You can use toothpaste to remove the tough stains, It contains a gentle abrasive and has a pleasing odor.

4. To remove the dust bunnies from under the fridge, remove the grill and then run the yardstick covered with a set of stockings underneath. Also when house cleaning, check the pan of water under the unit because it contains unpleasant smell as well.

5. For house cleaning, combat household odors by filling a clean old sock with activated charcoal from an aquarium store, tie a knot and then place it at the back of the fridge. This is going to last a month or two, depending on the size of the fridge.

6. If you want to fix the odors faster, sprinkle some vanilla extract on cotton balls and then place it in a shallow dish and put it in the fridge. Orange extract also works the best.

7. Check the adequate tightness of the insulating seam around the fridge door by placing a lighted flashlight inside the fridge and closing the door when house cleaning. Turn off the lights of  the room at night and check if the light is being passed from the seam This will even help you to fix the leaks.

8. You can eliminate the lingering odors in your vegetable bin by putting a crumpled piece of a brown paper in the grocery bag and leaving it for at least 48 hours. The paper is going to absorb all of the odor.

9. If you don’t fill your fridge to the maximum point, fill a large water bottle and place it inside the fridge It will also help the fridge to run smoothly and efficiently. 

➽As you have noticed that cleaning the fridge is an easy task but if you are having a busy life then it’s tough to clean your house. Well, House Cleaning Woodinville makes things easy for you by lending a hand when required.