Daily Tips to Keep Your Stainless Sinks Shines

Those days are gone when your stainless steel sinks use to reflect your smiling face. Stop frowning over the dull, discolored surface of the stainless sink. The right house cleaning remedy can make it a lot more better in just few minutes. Once the sink is restored to the original shape, a little upkeep after every one or two day should stop it from sliding it back. 

House Cleaning Lake City has got few tips for you that can help you in daily house cleaning and that restore the shine of your stainless steel as well.

1. Thorough restoration

  • Abrasive cleaners can damage your stainless steel, so, use them occasionally for restoration project or to remove the stubborn stains. You can also try the stainless steel polish, whiting, talc, or baking soda as well. Apply only one of these on a damp cloth for house cleaning.

2. Rub in the direction of the lines

  • Most of the times the stainless steel sinks have brushed finish. You need to run in the parallel sides to the brush lines to reduce the chance of visible scratch. When house cleaning, use the toothbrush to reach out the tight areas of the faucets and the area around the drain.

3. Rinse the stainless steel cleanser off

  • Wash the cleanser off everywhere where it is used by you. If the shine of your sink is restored then let it dry and clean it with the towel, dabbing instead of rubbing to avoid the streak lines/marks. If your sink still looks dull then use vinegar and wipe it away.

4. Buff with the flour if the sink is grimy

Flour is very cheap, mild abrasive which makes it a good choice for house cleaning the large area. If your sink still looks dirty then follow few steps.

  • Dry the sink, water on the sink will turn the flour into glue.
  • Sprinkle flour on the sink and use up to ¼ cup of flour for an average sink.
  • Buff the sink in a circular motion by using a soft cloth, focusing on the rim and the drain where the food might be stuck.
  • When the grime is removed, brush the flour into the container and then throw it into the dust bin. Too much flour can block the drain.

5. Buffing it with oil

  • Olive oil can also boost the shine of your stainless steel sink and remove the lines when you are doing the house cleaning, but if you’re overdo it is going to leave stainless steel sticky or even make the sink more dull than before. If you want to try it just put 2-3 drops of oil on the cloth and wipe it until the surface is coated. Make sure you wipe in circular shape until you get the desired shine.

6. Keep the sink dry for 24 hours

  • A major house cleaning can leave the surface of the sink damaged especially if there was rust on the surface. Give some time to the steel to restore the anti-rust protective layer or at least give it some time after each use during this period of time.

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